Khemander Kody+/
Producing beautiful, athletic foals with wonderful dispositions. If you want to have a foal you and your family can enjoy, raise, show to championships, or ride down the trail and have it be a pleasure to own, breed your mare to Khemander Kody.

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Kody is a gorgeous black bay with white socks and long thick mane. He has a beautiful head and large eye and passes these qualities onto his foals. But besides his beauty and athletic talent, he has a quiet people loving disposition.  When my grandchildren come to visit, since they are not usually around horses, they get to ride Kody. He is the one I trust to take care of them and let them experience riding an Arabian horse.

When I was a girl, as I read the Walter Farley books, I dreamed of owning my own Arabian stallion. Kody has made that childhood dream come true.

Khemander Kody and Gary Ray in his early years showing here in Estes Park, CO. Together they had many wins including 1994 US Nationals Open Cutting Champion and Region 9 Open and Novice Horse Championship in the same year.
Kody has never competed in Western Pleasure classes, but as you can see, he could. And, he is definitely a pleasure to ride. Here we are just warming up for a cutting class. With his smooth gaits, I can ride him all day long.

When we aren't showing, Kody loves to play in the river!

Here we are having fun in Estes Park, CO. Kody is a blast to ride! He passes on to his foals the classic Arabian  beauty and athletic ability. He even causes the Quarter Horse owners to stop and take a second look when they see him cutting a cow.
At twenty years old, Kody earns his fifth US National Championship as he wins the 2005 Open Cutting competition!  Kody spent the show season at home, but came out of "semi-retirement" to enter the US Nationals Cutting. Ridden by his Non-Pro owner, Diane Dempsey, Kody shows his stuff as they both have a great time.  

Jimmy Reno and Kody are quite the team. Winning many Championships including the 2003 US Nationals Open Cutting. Both had not been to a show all year! Jimmy came out of "trainer retirement" to show his buddy at the Nationals. This was a repeat of 2001 where they did the same thing. Only in 2001, his non-pro owner had the pleasure of showing Kody all year, even in the Open. With adding Jimmy's performance at the Nationals, Kody's annual winnings earned us the 2001 World Championship for the second time.
Jimmy Reno showed Kody to his 2001 US Nationals Open Championship. What a team!
Like Khemosabi his sire, Kody crosses well with all bloodlines producing champions in Cutting, Working Cow, Endurance, Dressage, Halter, Western Pleasure, and fun trail riding horses. Khemander Kody is Sweepstakes Nominated. His 2014 stud fee is $1500. Transported semen available or send your mare. We provide excellent special care for visiting mares and treat them like family.


Pedigree for Khemander Kody+/
Khemander Kody        0468071  8/17/85  


Khemosabi Amerigo Ferseyn Raseyn
Szarza Ali Said
Jurneeka Fadjur Fadheilan
Bint Sahara
Fadneeka Fadheilan
Hia Sehr The Pauper Prince The Egyptian Prince *Morafic
*Bint Mona
Daraguya Rossidor
Shehadi Utez *Witez
Daalseyna Daaldan

Hia Sehr - Kody's dam

Khemosabi+++ - Kody's sire

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